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Golf Odds and Lines

Get out the pitching wedges and drivers PGA fans, you have found the only free golf odds comparison page you will need to view real time racing lines for betting on the PGA Tour, European Tour or simply check the real time scores. The free golf odds displayed below are from our four offshore sportsbook partners which are reputable sites for golf betting ensuring that our visitors will receive PGA Tour lines and stress free payouts. The free golf odds will update automatically when there is a line move on a match-up so all you need to do is watch the grid. The live golf odds grid will display different colors for all line changes within 1-10 minutes so you won’t miss a Vegas odds move or from offshore sportsbooks.

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When you find a PGA golf odd that you would like to wager on, simply click on the line or the sportsbook logo. To quickly place a wager on a strong match-up before the line changes once again, we recommended having at least three funded accounts at various reputable sportsbooks. Vegas odds and offshore sportsbooks set their golf betting lines knowing that the public is more likely to bet on trends or what is popular on the schedule than comparing multiple PGA golf odds to find the right tournament for the right value. That’s why our free match-up grid allows you to view multiple golf betting odds before making that final bet. Be sure to bookmark this page and stay up to date with results and standings.